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02 March 2017

What I packed for the Hospital

Packing for the hospital all of a sudden makes everything so much more real and oh so exciting! It's a reminder that baby could be in your arms at any moment. I also tend to be a bit of an over packer and so does my husband so I had to really pair down and do some research as to what we actually needed. We also packed a bag for baby, and also a bag for my hubby. And of course Binxie helped too :)

In my bag for while I'm in the hospital: 


My Going Home Outfit: 
- Postpartum Belly Wrap (I bought a size medium)


What's in my Little One's Bag:
- Diaper bag c/o Poppys Collection
 - Several Outfits in different sizes, because we have no idea how big our little guy will be.
- 3 Swaddle blankets c/o Modern Burlap
- 1 baby blanket
- Car seat c/o UPPAbaby


What's in my Husband's Bag:
- camera and tripod
- pajamas
- two changes of clothes
- coconut water, juice boxes and snacks
- change for the vending machines
- Gift cards for the nurses (our doctor recommended Starbucks gift cards) 
- phone and charger (with an extra long cord)
- A sweatshirt & sweatpants 
- iPad and charger 



  1. Congratulations again!!!
    I wanted to ask about the postpartum belly wrap, if you were able to use it after birth. And how you decided on the sizing!

  2. Hi Rossi! Thank you!
    I've been using it pretty much everyday since I got home from the hospital and it had been amazing! After 24 hours of labour I ended up having an emergency c-section and it's been so helpful in my recovery and has already helped to flatten my belly so much!
    I followed the sizing recommendations on the website for sizing, so I would really recommend following that


  3. Congratulation beauty :) And I wish you all the best :)

  4. love your feed! your pictures are so pretty :)

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