04 February 2016

My Fav Red Looks

With Valentines Day just a few weeks away and it being February I wanted to share my very fav red outfits since I started the blog almost 4 years ago. It's also my first Valentines Day with Christian as husband and wife (yay!)

As you can see I'm a huge fan of red any time of year but especially for in February. What are your doing for Valentines Day? Which look is your fav?

One | Two | Three | Four

Here are some other Valentines pieces I love:


02 February 2016

Pleated Wrap Dress

I literally cannot get enough wrap dresses these days! If you are pear shaped like me they are seriously flattering even if you gain a few pounds (like I have since I got married - oops) 
I also love the pretty color of this dress and how its totally a wardrobe staple for any season. It comes in black as well, which is totally my next purchase!


01 February 2016

Spring Vibes Only

 Just because it's February and raining non-stop here in Vancouver doesn't mean that you have to totally bundle up and wear all grey (which I sometimes have a tendency to do). I saw this dress a little while ago and new I had to have it for Spring. Seeing it just hanging there in my closet and then looking out the window made me think, hey why not just wear it now? I paired it with a black wrap coat and my white loubs - and guess what, now I'm totally feeling those Spring vibes.

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