23 February 2017

A 40 Week Bump-Update

Happy Thursday Everyone!

A lot of you have been asking questions and making comments about how I seem like I have been pregnant forever - and trust me, I feel the same way! Even thought I announced my pregnancy at 15 weeks, 24 weeks ago - I probably should have hid it a while longer.  But as we were trying for nearly 6 months, I was beyond excited and so full of joy, and also so grateful that I just wanted to tell everyone, being a mother has always been my dream and I just felt unbelievably blessed, and couldn't bare to keep it a secret past 15 weeks. Anyway, I just couldn't wait to share the good news and couldn't wait to sport my baby bump!

Flash forward this week (40 weeks), and Christian and I headed to (what I hope) will be our final doctors appointment before baby comes. Last week at my 39 week appointment I quite hopeful that my labour would start naturally over the weekend, as I am really not keen on a medical induction (unless 100% necessary). I should also mention that my hospital won't induce until 42 weeks, unless there is a medical issue that warrants doing so before hand. I'm hoping that I do go into labour in the next few days, but really I could be pregnant for another two weeks... So patience is key for me right now :) 

That said, I think that it's important to remember that our bodies and our babies know what to do, and that we should trust in the process and just not be stressed about it and also take the time to just be alone and to do the things that we won't have time for, and that is exactly what I have been doing. I've read a few books that have been on my list, binge watched some shows on netflix, had bubble baths, gone for a mani/pedi, spent time having lengthly lunches and brunches with my friends, and also has as many date nights with my husband as possible. And as anxious and as ready as I am to meet my little one I think that everything happens for a reason so I am just focused on trying to not stress about things not happening as fast as I would like. 



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