27 April 2017


As a first-time mom, I have found that I struggle with anxiety. At night, I have found myself waking up frequently to check on my precious boy, Harrison. Just to put my mind at ease. I have also called my paediatrician (and her 24hr line) an embarrassingly large number of times. While all of that, I am told, is completely normal for the first time moms, it likely did not help that my delivery was long and complicated, that we had an extended stay, and saw us readmitted only a few days after Harrison's original discharge.

When we were searching for ways to set my mind at ease, a friend with a little one pointed me to Owlet. With a 1 year old at home, she described it as a must-have for a first-time mother like me. After visiting a local store to test it out, in person, I learned that there was a brand new model coming out, which is apparently better than ever: the Owlet Smart Sock 2. Hearing that, I picked one up!

My little one is now 2 months old, and we have been using the Smart Sock 2 for a little over 1 month now. And, we love it. The app is easy to use. The Sock fits Harrison perfectly, is completely secure no matter how much he moves around, and can be rotated throughout the day to either foot. The bluetooth range is also perfect for our home, allowing the base station to reside in his nursery, while he is beside our bed in his bassinet. The new model also has been redesigned to reduce false notifications. It also looks super-cute on him!

Most importantly, as the Smart Sock 2 is designed to track your little one's heart rate and oxygen, Owlet has given me the peace of mind to leave his side during nap times, and sleep when he sleeps at night. And, I don't have to tell you how valuable a little extra rest is to a new mom! I'm a huge fan of the Owlet Smart Sock 2, which is available for purchase at OwletCare.com, and I would recommend it to any first-time mom :)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Owlet. The opinions and text are all mine.


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