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10 March 2017

FBF: Waiting For Baby Harrison

Being pregnant has been such an amazing experience and there are certain things about it that I will miss and there are also other things that I can't wait to do once my little one is born. 
Feeling my little one grow, hearing his tiny heartbeat and feeling him move have been so amazing. I also am in awe of how much our bodies can change over 40 weeks. But I also cannot wait to eat some sushi and of course wear pants that don't have a stretchy waistband!




  1. Wow! Incredible photos! You remind me of Rachel Zoe 1st pregnancy's photo shoot in this dress and with your hair down. You're truly a stunner!

  2. Amazing pictures :)

  3. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You look fabulous! I definitely want to do a shoot like this when I am pregnant. That dress is to die for!!!


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