27 March 2017

Big Bouncy Hair at Home with T3

 Making time to do my hair has been a bit of a challenge lately and that's why I love a good set of hot rollers. These Volumizing Hot Rollers from T3 are pretty amazing. I love that they heat up so quickly and that they really give my hair amazing volume, body, and shine. I also love the crease-free clips as they really hold the rollers firmly in place and prevent creases. They really help to give me that fresh blow-out look even when I don't have time to get to the salon or do it myself at home. This look is super easy to achieve and I find that it even looks amazing on day old hair.

Step One:  I start off with hair that's been air dried; if the hair is a little on the dirty side, just give it a spritz with a little dry shampoo. 
Step Two: I section my hair into 2 inch sections and then wrap each away from my face. I use the larger rollers on the lower sections and the smaller ones on the top sections. I also use two sets of the hot rollers as I have pretty long hair. 
Step Three: I wait for the rollers to fully cool, then remove them and that's it! You can also spritz your hair with a little hair spray as well :)



  1. Your hair is so beautiful :)

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