14 March 2019

Spring Vibes

It's finally starting to feel like spring here in Vancouver, which is great because pants (even maternity pants) are not comfortable at all, so it's so great to be able to wear dresses without tights! And even better to wear a pretty flowy dress like this one from Isabella Oliver. I seem to be really into pinks and blushes these days.

One of the biggest things that I've learned in my second pregnancy is the importance of nursing friendly pieces - so many of the things I wore in my first pregnancy where not nursing friendly at all, and I ended up nursing Harrison for a very long time (22 months) so having nursing pieces would have made that so much easier! This pretty dress is totally nursing friendly and will also look super cute postpartum while I still have a little tummy.  

Outfit Details: Dress c/o Isabella Oliver (wearing a size 2, which is a us size 6) | Sunglasses | Duster (old also worn here when pregnant) | Bag (similar style)  | Flats



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