28 July 2018

Heading to get Smoothies

Happy Saturday! I think the funniest thing about weekends with a toddler is how early we are always up. So early that we were literally an hour early to our fav smoothie place, so we decided to snap a couple pics of this pretty dress while we were waiting. I paired this pretty peach dress with a cross body bag and my fav sandals that I have in white too. I've been obsessed with the Hermes ones for as long as I can remember but these ones are super chic, comfy and well under $100. Hope you are all having a great weekend so far! 



  1. I'ts honestly been way tooo hot out here in California for stuff like that but I think we'll be able to wear flowy dresses like that now that is sligtly cooled down.Gorgous summer look .


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