19 June 2018

Weekends with the Fam

 Is there anything better than a Summer weekend?
As you guys probably know we (Christian, Harrison and I) live in downtown Vancouver. But I love to escape to Grandma's house on the weekend. We were especially excited because my sister Nadia was in from LA - and Harrison just loves his Aunts! I wore the perfect weekend dress with a super comfy pair of slides that I have been living in! My dress is under $60, which I love because in the Summer it's all about having lots of dresses to choose from :) Also I'm a little obsessed with Harrison's romper, it was under $20 and just looks so darn cute and is perfect for hot summer days too, I paired it with a super soft tee from Old Navy and his fav shoosh (how he says shoes haha)

Harrison's outfit: Romper, H&M | Tee, Old Navy | Shoes, Converse (here in navy blue)




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♥ Ally

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