16 December 2017

She Wore A Grey Beret

OMG! How long has it been since my last post! So sorry guys, it's been such a busy time of year, plus Harrison has just become extremely mobile so I literally have been scrambling to get our place baby proofed and making sure he is safe has been my number one priority. It's crazy how much motherhood has changed my life and how much longer it takes to get things done - that said there are some amazing blogger moms who seem to have it all figured out and I have to really give them credit!

Anyhow, back to this soft winter outfit that I wore over the weekend to a little holiday party I attended with my two guys, I just absolutely love this oversized jacket (I'm wearing a medium). It's really so warm and cozy and looks good with everything including sweat pants, which you will find me in most days of the week ;) 




  1. You are such a beauty! Love the way you've styled this feminine and chic outfit!


  2. Amazing look and skirt is so beautiful :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit!



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