21 December 2017

Cleaning up for the Holidays

Happy (almost) Christmas! 

It seems like we never stop entertaining and I am having the best time hosting all our family and friends. But with all these little get togethers come a ton of little messes, especially when Harrison is involved, he just loves pulling all his toys out all at once and there always seems to be a cheerios smashed into the floor too! I'm totally loving my Dyson V8 vacuum, it has really transformed the way I clean and it was honestly on my Christmas wish list this year. I'm kinda obsessed with how easy it makes cleaning up - even when I'm chasing after my little guy. First of all its super light and cordless which is amazing! It's so light and easy to use that I can fully clean our home while holding Harrison, and that is a win win. It's also extremely quiet, which means I can clean up while Harrison naps and not be scared that the vacuum sound is going to wake him up - so important!

My Dyson V8 doesn't just clean floors, its also amazing for cleaning all of Harrison's toys and his high chair - which is always collecting little bits of food, I even used it to clean his stroller seat and car seat. It's really a mama must have!



Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Dyson.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dyson.



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  3. ClairWayman: Great, I'm loving Dyson V8 vacuum too!


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