23 October 2017

Happy Birthday Olive + Piper!


I am so so so excited to be working with Olive + Piper! My absolute favourite jewelry company - and based right here in Vancouver! They are celebrating their FIFTH birthday! And I am so honoured to be helping them celebrate the milestone.

Over the years, I have come to know Olive + Piper as a company with amazing designs, which they are careful are always positioned to be affordable. Wearable, in vogue, pieces that also never seem to go out of style!

We worked together to create these amazing earrings, which are extremely versatile, and can be worn with pretty much anything! I also love that they are super affordable, while still looking very luxe. 

Blush and grey are a color combination that I wear during every season, and continues to be on trend year after year. I love the tassel detail, which is amazing and so fun to wear. Even Harrison loves them, and always tries to grab at them - so cute!!

Be sure to check out Olive + Piper's IG to see some fun stories about these gorgeous earrings




  1. Looking absolutely astonishing here, you're such a doll! LOVE your earrings and skirt. :)


  2. Lovely look and you look so beautiful :)


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