12 July 2017

Pink Blooms

One of the most challenging things about getting dressed these days is having outfits that work for nursing. Especially since it's just too warm for pants at the moment and most of my dresses from last Summer have high necks and just aren't suitable for nursing at all. And then when I do find a dress with buttons or that might work for nursing it's way too short and doesn't really work well when I have to bend over and pick Harrison up. That's why whenever I see a dress that I can nurse in I buy it almost right away! And usually in as many colors and patterns that it comes in. I picked this dress up from Nordstrom (here in a different print) on sale a little while ago and I have worn it on so many occasions. Today, I wore it for a slightly fancy lunch.

I find that the necklines that work best for nursing are plunging (with a nursing tank underneath, strapless, wrap dresses, off-the-shoulder and button down. Here are the top picks that would be perfect for nursing:


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  1. You're looking so charming in this girly dress!



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