16 June 2017

The Happiest Little Guy

In my third trimester, Christian and I took a baby prep class. A large portion of which entailed practicing Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S's method for soothing babies: swaddle, side position, shush, swing and suck. While the exercise was quite amusing with a room full of pregnant ladies and their uncomfortable husbands practicing the techniques on dolls, the importance of the exercise was not lost on me.

A few weeks later, when our little one arrived, I quickly realized that our sleeping arrangement needed improvement. And, so I set about searching for the right bassinet. In fact, Harrison's first car rides were mostly to local baby stores, in a frantic effort to try out every single one we could find. While I thought my wish list was simple, after an exhaustive local effort proved unsuccessful, I started searching online.

After a few short hours I discovered that the same Dr. Harvey Karp had actually designed a bassinet - and I knew I had found ours: the SNOO Smart Sleeper, by Happiest Baby!

When the SNOO arrived, I was floored by the packaging. It was beautifully presented. It reminded me of an Apple product, far more than any baby product. Unpacking was also a breeze. And, most importantly, setup was as simple as popping in the legs. From first opening the box, to turning the SNOO on, it took us less than a few minutes. And, I was absolutely blown away by just how beautifully the SNOO is designed. The wood finish and simple white legs seamlessly blend into our bedroom. It is absolutely gorgeous.

The first time I turned the SNOO on, I was mesmerized. It is amazing to watch. And, after setting up the app, Christian decided to test the sensors by pretending to cry in the SNOO - and, sure enough the sensor was triggered and the SNOO adjusted to soothe Christian. Amazing.

Over the past 3.5 months, we have come to learn that the SNOO has been a real blessing. Harrison has always been unusually strong - early on, in the hospital, he even managed to use the side of the hospital bassinet to push himself onto his belly. Ever since, I have been very concerned with his safety. And, the concern used to keep me up at night - checking on him every few hours. With the SNOO, once he's in the swaddle, I can truly rest. And, while Harrison isn't the fussiest at night, the SNOO's gentle motion and white noise keeps him soothed until he wakes up for a feeding.

Overall, the SNOO soothes Harrison and puts my mind at ease about his safety, which has allowed Christian and I have restful nights. The SNOO is the most used piece of equipment in our household, and one we cannot imagine not being in our lives. The SNOO is available at Happiest Baby, and has been the reason for many happy mornings!

Should also mention that while two sizes of legs were available, I opted for the "shorty" legs, as our bed is quite low. The height of the "shorty" legs allows Harrison and I to be at eye-level :)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Happiest Baby. The opinions and text are all mine.



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