12 November 2016

Treat Yourself to Panty Drop!

With the Holidays just around the corner, the hustle and bustle of events, shopping and family festivities sometimes makes it hard to remember to treat ourselves to a little something special once in a while! That is why I am such a big fan of subscription services like Panty Drop, as they make sure a little treat comes your way, just, as I have found, when you need it the most.

I also totally believe that what you wear under your clothes is just as important as what you wear in outerwear. :) Panty Drop, currently one of my fav subscription services, will automatically send you 3 pairs of underwear, every 3 months. But, you can also customize your shipment frequency anytime - how amazing is that!

Each box is curated based on your personal preferences, and Panty Drop carries a wide variety of styles and colors, as well as my fav name brands. In my recent shipment, I received three pairs of my fav Cosabella undies, in the season's trendiest colors! I really look forward to when my quarterly delivery arrives in the mail, especially since shipping is free and they have nailed my personal style in their selections! (Here's the colors and styles I received last time.)

I have also found that their customer service is really good. In the rare event that something arrives that isn't quite your taste, they will gladly refund or exchange, with no questions asked and free returns. Love it! 

Want to sign up for your own Panty Drop subscription, or gift it to someone special for the holidays? You can get 30% off your first box by signing up here.

Also be sure to check out Panty Drop online and on social: 



  1. What a great idea! I had no idea it even existed!

    1. Thanks so much! Let me know if you try it out :)

  2. Love the your images
    This would be a great gift idea :)


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