30 November 2016

Wrapped in Red

Hey Everyone! Right now I have to say that I am all about comfort, well comfort with just a touch of glam. Today I am wearing one of my fav outfits to wear on days when I am running around and want to be comfy but also still want to feel pretty. One of my fav dresses since becoming pregnant is this black turtleneck midi from Isabella Oliver, I absolutely love how soft it is, the length of it and also how it fits my baby bump (it also comes in a gorgeous burgundy color). 

One of the biggest things that I've realized during my pregnancy, and especially in the last week or so is that flat boots are a life saver! I live and work in downtown Vancouver, so I pretty much walk every where. I'm especially super obsessed with this pair from Geox. Not only are they super on trend, over the knee and suede, but they are also probably the comfiest boots I have worn, like ever! I also love the way they look with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings and an oversized sweater - so cute! 




  1. Yes, comfy flats/ boots are a huge saviour for anybody who's on the move a lot, esp. if pregnant too!
    You're looking breathtakingly beautiful and stylish, as always. :)


  2. who says you can't have comfort and glam at the same time? You totally have both with this look! Those boots does look sa comfy and matches perfectly with your red coat. You are one fabulous babe Ally! xx


  3. Love that red coat and the way you tied the belt into a little bow! So cute!

  4. Beautiful look love the coat :) You look amazing :)


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