09 November 2016

My Maternity Must-Haves

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I thought that the only pieces of maternity clothing I would need would be a couple of dresses and maybe some leggings. I totally thought I would be just fine with my regular non-maternity coats, too. Boy, was I wrong, so wrong. I was wrong about pretty much everything. 

One of the biggest style tips I have learned for preggers is to buy things that are meant for this stage in your life. I have found that it is not cute, nor comfortable, to try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes. And, more importantly, with the right maternity brand, maternity clothes can actually be super cute and very on-trend these days. And, perhaps more importantly, I have actually found that wearing well made maternity pieces is a total self esteem booster, too! Who doesn't want to show off a cute bump!

One of the most important pieces I've learned is necessary to invest in, is a maternity coat. I had a super small waist and upper body pre-pregnancy, so obviously my non-maternity coats don't even come close to closing these days. And, as winter draws closer, I can't even imagine not being able to zip up my coat.

That's why I really love this Kimi + Kai Tessa Color Block Maternity Coat. I have literally been wearing this coat every single day. It has a ton of pockets, a detachable hood and is so warm and cozy. If you are pregnant during the Winter, I highly recommend this coat. You will not be sorry - I promise! It's amazing! 

Today,  I paired it with one of my fav maternity dresses from Envie de Fraise, which is beyond comfy, and super stylish, how cute is that bow?! Be sure to check out Envie de Fraise, for more amazing, cute and on-trend maternity pieces. 




  1. So pretty Ally! Loving the pop of red and that bow on your bump is just too cute!

  2. You're rocking this maternity outfit! Such a stunning lady!


  3. Beautiful dress and amazing look :)

  4. Who says you can't be fashionable while being pregnant? That dress is the cutest. That coat is amazing. So glad to know that it is functional with all those pockets plus having a detachable hood. Gorgeous as always Ally. xx


  5. You are literally the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen!

  6. Does envie de fraise ship to the US- didn't seem like they would from the website all in French :(

    1. They do! You can change the language at the top of the screen :)

      Hope that helps!



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