20 October 2016

Frizz Free Easy Waves!

 Now that I am six months pregnant taking a long time to style my hair isn't really something that I look forward to. Basically my new beauty routine motto these days is the 'easier the better' and finding products that are easy to use and have more than one use and are easy are a God sent! I also love the creating effortless waves in a snap. That's pretty much why I'm so obsessed with my T3 SinglePass straight iron. While I do use it occasionally for creating straight hair, I love how easy it is to create perfectly effortless waves. 
Because I am constantly trying trying to mitigate the frizz that is just inevitable here in Vancouver, I also love that the tourmaline and ceramic styling surface emits negative ions that seal my hair's cuticle, which totally helps eliminate frizz, and delivers shiny, long-lasting results. It's so easy to create smooth styles, waves, and curl my hair!

Definitely a must have!

xo, Ally 



  1. So pretty Ally! Your hair always looks gorgeous! I need this flat iron!

  2. So pretty :) Love the hairstyle :)


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♥ Ally

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