22 October 2016

Fall Formal

You really can't go wrong for with classics black !
It might not be quite the Holiday Season yet, but Christian and I have had a couple of formal events to attend and I always love a reason to get dressed up! Being 6 months pregnant does make things a bit more tricky for formal events, because I want to look cute but also be comfy.  Because I really love soft, quality fabrics this top I have definitely been wearing this Wolford Pure top on repeat.  I absolutely adore the softness, and also the durability of it, I also love the versatility. Another fabulous feature of these stay-ups from Wolford is that they stay place all day long.  Today I paired it with a cute full midi and a pair of heels, but this great long sleeve top, also looks super chic with jeans and a pair of heels too, its also the very softest top I've ever owned :)




  1. Looking gorgeous and so glamorous in this royalty like outfit!


  2. Loving that skirt and your shoes are amazing!


  3. Amazing look, you look awesome and the skirt is so glamorous :)


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