11 August 2016

Yumi Lashes Review

<up close and personal before pic>
<my lashes getting into formation, and some great moisturizing undereye pads> 
<one of the last steps - the tinting>
<the after! I was totally blown away> 

Today I am sharing some very, very close-up pics of my makeup-less face. I'm actually sharing my new favorite beauty treatment. 
Over the years I have tried to make eyelash extensions work for me, but I always find them to be more work then they should be, I also find that they only really look great for a week or two afterward and then I just can't wait to get them off. 
When Fawns and Fellows here in Vancouver told me about Yumi Lashes,  I was immediately excited to try it. It totally helps you achieve that 'I woke up like this' look, which I love! Who doesn't want to wake up looking pretty? 

Here are the basic steps of this process: 

1. The entire process is done with the eyes closed, laying on the esthetics bed as if you are resting.  (Some people even fall asleep, I didn't but I am a chatter)

2. Clean, bare lashes are sculpted up onto silicone forms.  The level of lift is chosen based on the client’s lash length and desired lift for their lash type.  After consultation, Rebecca Starr, the Yumi Lashes technician, tailored my lashes to have a bit more of a flare at the ends for a cateye look - which I love!

3. A lifting lotion is applied to the lashes, during which time you relax with a warm dark towel covering your eye area.

4. After removal of the initial product, a fixing lotion is applied to the lashes to help maintain the curl and lift of the lashes.  It also strengthens and conditions the lashes.

5. After removal of the second product, a pigment infusion tint is applied to the lashes to increase volume and amplify length.

6. Once the pigment infusion tint is removed, a nourishing serum oil is applied to the lashes and eye area to moisturize and aid with removal of any residual product.

7. Finally a coat of crystal clear Yumi keratin treatment mascara is applied to gloss and nourish the lashes further.  (This product is available for retail purchase as well.)  As all mascara is drying (especially the waterproof kind) this adds essential moisture and protein back into the lashes, whether worn under your regular mascara or as a stand-alone treatment - day or night.  A simple way to think about NOT treating your lashes is like washing your face or hair, and not applying moisturizer or conditioner - ever.

8. Music, audio books and a blanket are provided…  Or you can bring your own iPod.  The whole treatment, from initial arrival to departure takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half (depending on lash length, density and coarseness). It was super relaxing and actually the time flew by. 

9. The keratin protein in the Yumi Lashes treatment and Yumi keratin mascara both strengthens and repairs the lashes, helping to give the hair structure and aiding the lashes in growing longer and stronger.

Overall I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants a to add some oomph to their lashes. The other benefit to this over lash extensions is that they up to last 8 - 12 weeks, and require almost zero upkeep. The curl and the tint also release gradually so you don't have to constantly go in for fills and touch ups. In terms of costs, the whole treatment costs $150 here in Vancouver, which is a about the same as a good pair of eyelash extensions, but with way less discomfort!

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If you are in Vancouver and want to try this for yourself, please check out Fawns and Fellows, as they have the original Vancouver technician. Check out their website, instagram and facebook for more pics and information! 



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