04 August 2015

My Skin Care Secrets!

One of the biggest questions that I get is what kind of makeup I wear, and while makeup is super important I really credit my skin care routine much more than any specific makeup. In fact I usually just use concealer (for my under eyes) and a light powder to achieve a flawless complexion. This wasn’t always the case though, in my late teens and early 20s I totally thought more was more and wore, foundation, concealer, powder and of course sometimes I would forget to wash my face at night - argh I know right! so bad! Now as I approach my mid/late 20s and because my wedding is in less about three months skin care is beyond important, I really want to have the very best base that I can so I can look glowing and gorgeous on my big day! So today I am sharing my secret for glowing healthy skin, and also going totally sans makeup (please excuse my dark circles - they are totally genetic I swear I get a ton of sleep!) 

I always use quality skin care products, mainly because I have the world’s driest skin, which is also super sensitive and prone to breakouts - it’s literally the worst combo. If you suffer from dry sensitive skin acne prone skin like mine you know the worst thing you can do is over cleanse, but you also want to make sure that you exfoliate, but again not too much - talk about high maintenance right? That’s why I was totally over the moon when I found this amazing spin brush (which is less than half the price of most others), not only does it give me just the right amount of exfoliation, I’ve also found that my skins texture, tone and dryness has totally changed, I actually have a natural glow, and then I wear less makeup and let my skin breathe at least once a week. 

The best part about this particular brush is that it comes with 4 different heads, I use the cleansing brush daily and the exfoliating brush once a week. I’m also totally obsessed with the body brush! I’ve never used one before, but I have to say I literally can’t live without it now! 

Check it out here: Spin for Perfect Skin  as well as other great skin care products on Vanity Planet

Use discount code ‘gumboot’ for 70% off your purchase! 


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