03 June 2015

Bring on Summer!

Summer, thankfully, is almost here; it’s been a very, very long winter. I can hardly wait for days at the lake, boating in the beautiful Pacific Ocean and getting out and enjoying the beautiful Vancouver summer!

For me that means lots of shopping for new summer looks, putting the jeans, sweaters, boots and coats far, far away, and breaking out my sundresses, shorts, minis and bikinis. It also means getting my summer look ready, getting some subtle sunkissed highlights, a pretty white mani and pedi and, of course, having summer-ready skin. Having had the majority of my skin under wraps since ... well... September, my skin needs a little extra TLC to get it summer ready and prepped for all those cute outfits! That means some extra at-home beauty treatments; exfoliating with some homemade coffee scrub, regular dry brushing, my favorite at-home bronzing self-tanning lotion, a great moisturizer and my new fav at home beauty secret, Nair Cire Divine microwave resin wax.

As most of you have probably read before, I have super, super sensitive skin and, as a result, I was a bit nervous to try to an at-home wax. (Actually, I just kinda stared at it for about an hour or so before attempting to use it!) Eventually, after calling everyone I know and cleaning my whole apartment, and doing anything else I could think of in an effort to postpone the experiment, I decided to stop procrastinating and just do it! I have to say that it was far, far less painful then I imagined. Actually, it hardly hurt at all; a night in my fav heels is far more painful, I promise! It also took no time at all - which is awesome for those of you that just don’t have time to get to the esthetician, or that just prefer to save a little money and have the control of doing it at home. The best part is that it’s been almost a week and my legs still feel amazing and are super soft! Bring out the shorts! It’s time to play in the sun :) 

Are you going to try it? Let me know if you do and what you think!

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