21 September 2016

Sunshine & Sunflowers

Hey Lovelies! 

Can you believe it's the last day of Summer? Today was day two of my mini-babymoon with Christian and our little doggie Binxie. One of the biggest pieces of advice that everyone keeps giving me is to do a ton of stuff with your husband before the baby comes, and even though we still have quite a bit of time before our little boy arrives we thought that we would do a series of min-baby-moons instead of one super long one. I'm also so lucky to live such a short drive from so many gorgeous places! Today we went for a little walk and picked up the prettiest sunflowers and then spent the afternoon reading parenting books over a little picnic. 

Hope you all had a wonderful last day of summer!

20 September 2016


kindness is always fashionable 
xo ally 

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